Farm to School Campaigns

Farmer to School


FCPS serves your children local apples, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, and cucumbers.  Please support Farmer to School in partnership with FCPS Food and Nutrition Services!  Funds will be used to help develop farm partnerships that include farmer visits to schools, field trips to farms, and more local fruits and vegetables in school meals and snacks!  

Chefs in School


Tastes tests and "foodie" events with chefs peak student interest in eating nutritious foods!  Please support the Chefs in School initiative in partnership with FCPS Food and Nutrition Services!  Funds will be used to buy local food, organize events, and coordinate student and FCPS family involvement.  

Working in the Garden
Garden at School


Experience shows that kids tend to eat what they grow. Frederick County Master Gardeners and community volunteers are working with FCPS to incorporate on-campus gardens and hands-on gardening opportunities in support of teacher lesson plans.  Funds will be used for garden supplies, seeds, and program coordination.  

Dear Parents, Teachers, Businesses, and all members of our community:

We need your support for the Frederick County, MD Farm to School Campaigns. Each campaign serves a different area of need in order to make the program a success.   There are well over 40,000 students in FCPS, and if just a fraction of the families support the Farm to School Initiative by lending talents, time, and financial support, we will see Farm to School take root and thrive in Frederick County!  


Thank you for your contribution! 

All contributions are made through the Farm to School sponsoring organization Land and Cultural Preservation Fund, Inc/Community FARE - a 501c3 non-profit.